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Your Post Pandemic Appointment at H-B

We are excited to announce our reopening on Monday, July 6th. We thank you for your continued patience as we strictly abide by the guidelines issued by the Governor and the State Board of Cosmetology. There will be many new rules and changes to the environment however we promise to do our best to uphold the high standards of service we are known for.

Here is some of what you can expect moving forward:


  • The schedule will be opened first to clients who had been scheduled prior to closure. If you had an appointment, please hold tight a little longer as stylist will be reaching out to reschedule you. It may take us a little while to work our way through our individual lists, but we will get there!

  • Once those clients have been rescheduled, we will begin scheduling new appointments. If you wish to schedule a new appointment please email with your preferred stylist in the subject line. You will be placed on our waitlist and contacted once an appointment is available.

  • We are required to operate at 50% capacity and therefore cannot double book clients. This may make it harder for you to book an appointment while also resulting in a loss of revenue for both stylists and the business.

  • If you are unable to get an appointment as quickly as you hoped, we do offer some options:

    • Consider being flexible about booking with the first stylist available as there may be more availability.

    • For existing grey and single process clients, we will continue to offer customized DYI color kits. Please email here for color kits.

  • Please be advised that Kelly Hursh opened up her own studio. If you had an appointment with her or wish to book a new appointment with her you can do so at at

  • All cancelations less than 24 hours from appointment will be charged the full price of service, no exceptions.

  • Due to revised scheduling constraints, we will be no longer be able to offer a complimentary blow dry with color services. If you would like your hair styled, a blow dry must be requested as an additional service at the time of scheduling. The cost will be $40.

  • Dependent on the amount of product needed, there may be a change in color service prices. We anticipate that some of you may have significantly longer roots and we will have to charge accordingly. Rest assured that we will be transparent about any additional cost. Should you have any concerns or constraints, please feel free to discuss with your stylist prior to the service.

How we are maintaining a safe and clean environment

We have always prided ourselves in keeping a neat, clean and sanitary environment. Here are some additional steps we are taking.

  • Stylists and clients are required to wear masks at all times. Please be advised that you should wear a mask that hooks around your ears in order to facilitate services.

  • Temperatures will be checked with a touchless thermometer upon entrance to the salon. Temperatures above 100.4 will require rescheduling.

  • We have installed plexiglass shields between the work stations and shampoo bowls in order to follow social distancing recommendations.

  • Salon common areas, tools, stations and high touch surfaces will be continually sanitized according to PA Board of Cosmetology guidelines

  • Unfortunately we can no longer offer any drinks or snacks

  • Reading materials are no longer available. You are always welcome to bring your own.

  • Only clients with an appointment will be allowed in the space. This means that guests and children will not be allowed.

  • Should you arrive early for your appointment, we ask that you check in and wait outside until your stylist is ready for you as there will be no waiting area inside the salon.

  • We are however in the process of working on our backyard so that you will have the option of taking a break while processing. There will be tables and chairs socially distanced for a maximum of two clients at a time.

  • In an effort to minimize contact, a scalp massage will no longer be offered during shampooing.

  • Though we will be very happy to see you, sadly there will be no hugging or handshaking.

We will make every effort to provide you with any pertinent information or changes regarding rules and regulations prior to your appointment. We are grateful for your patience and support as we continue to grow, learn and navigate this “new normal”. The last few months have given us a lot of time to reflect on what is important to us as a business and as a team. Moving forward we will continue to examine how we can continue to contribute to a world that desperately needs social justice and equality. We have missed you all very much ! Looking forward to seeing you all soon, H-B

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